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  • Spy-Buster  51)   Spy-Buster 1.0
    Spy-Blaster scans your hard-drive for adware and spyware. It is fast acting and very easy to use, requiring no instillation. It now features an updated list of known spyware and also detects known rootkits on your PC.

  • BufferZone Pro  52)   BufferZone Pro 3.40-86
    In the BufferZone , you can browse the Web , e-bank, share, chat , download and open any file or application without threatening your PC and personal files. BufferZone Pro download gives you complete protection against Internet threats.

  • ! - Clipboard Auto-Clear  53)   ! - Clipboard Auto-Clear 1.01.00
    Worried about spy ware reading your clipboard? Want to free up the huge resources that some clips consume? Clipboard Auto-Clear is the set it and forget it utility which will clear your Windows clipboard whenever it is not in use.

  • History Cleaner  54)   History Cleaner 10.3
    Clean internet history, cookies, temporary internet files(cache), index.dat files, protect your home page from being modified, clean recently used files list, empty recycle bin and more. Protect your privacy and keep your system clean!

  • Webroot Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus  55)   Webroot Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus 5.5
    Webroot Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus removes and blocks dangerous viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans. Get complete protection from a single, easy-to-use solution that is now Windows Vista compatible. A MUST-HAVE FREE DOWNLOAD.

  • RootKit Hook Analyzer  56)   RootKit Hook Analyzer 3.01
    RootKit Hook Analyzer is a security tool which checks if there are any rootkits installed on your computer which hook the kernel system services. This program will display all kernel services and the responsible modules for handling them.

  • Spy Remover  57)   Spy Remover 2009.147
    SPY Remover uses the latest in cutting-edge anti-spyware technology to protect you from the latest spyware threats. No other program can provide you with this level of Adware and Spyware protection.

  • SPYWAREfighter  58)   SPYWAREfighter 4.1.130
    Protect your PC against Spyware, Malware and other unwanted software. SPYWAREfighter is a user-friendly anti spyware program that is easy to install and use. SPYWAREfighter is your protection against spyware, adware and other unwanted software.

  • Prompt Traces Sweeper  59)   Prompt Traces Sweeper 1.5
    Prompt Traces Sweeper - Clean up disk space fast and easy With Prompt Traces Sweeper you can easily clean up disk space that is now used by temporary files like those in the system temporary folder, the Internet Explorer Cache and Cookies folder etc

  • Spy Emergency - Spyware Remover  60)   Spy Emergency - Spyware Remover
    Scan your computer for hidden AdWare and Spyware, Remove them permanently. Our Adavanced Software Stops adware and spyware from sneaking into your system. You are notified the moment a spyware application attempts to run on your system. FREE DOWNLOAD

  • Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate  61)   Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate 8.0
    Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate, a centrally managed anti-spyware solution that protects your organization from spyware infections that can expose confidential information and diminish network and PC performance. Minimum purchase: 25 licenses.

  • Max Secure Spyware Detector  62)   Max Secure Spyware Detector
    Max Spyware Detector is a complete solution for individuals, professionals and home users to scan, detect and delete spyware to get rid of the malware,popup, keyloggers and trojans instantly. Get Powered with Smart scan Technology and Max Shields.

  • eMailTrackerPro 2006  63)   eMailTrackerPro 2006 9.0h
    eMailTrackerPro helps identify the true source of emails to help track suspects, verify the sender of a message, trace and report email abusers. The trace analysis reports the sender's IP address, estimated location, network and domain information. A

  • WinSoS Anti-Spyware  64)   WinSoS Anti-Spyware 2.2
    With Winsos you can: Delete spyware and optimise your computer Have your computer repaired by a remote IT specialist

  • ContraVirus  65)   ContraVirus 2.0.0
    ContraVirus is able to detect and protect against a verity of Spyware, Adware, Trojans and other Malware. After removing existing infections, it uses its SpyWall feature, which will protect against infections before they make their way into your PC.

  • Privatefirewall w/Pest Patrol  66)   Privatefirewall w/Pest Patrol 4.0
    Privatefirewall 4.0 is a Personal Firewall and Intrusion Detection Application that eliminates unauthorized access to your PC. Privatefirewall provides solid protection "out of the box" while allowing advanced users to create custom configurations.

  • Ai Picture Utility  67)   Ai Picture Utility
    Speedy viewer and image album manages, plays, edits, enhances photos. Database queries. Organize by visual content. Unique smoothing + sharpening filters. Slideshows w/ 173 effects. Variable prints. Batch convert, rename, move, unzip ...

  • Adware Spyware Be Gone  68)   Adware Spyware Be Gone 2.1.1
    Download your Free Trial. Scan your computer for adware and spyware (FREE). Remove and prevent malware installation (adware spyware, keyloggers, exc). Includes monitors for home page Protection, favorites, processes, host manager, & privacy too

  • 3D MP3 Sound Recorder  69)   3D MP3 Sound Recorder 3.8.7
    3D MP3 Sound Recorder (Audio Playback Recorder) v3.8.7 Support command line, easy to work with Windows Schedule Task

  • SecurityGateway for Exchange / SMTP  71)   SecurityGateway for Exchange / SMTP 2.0.4
    SecurityGateway email spam firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers protects against viruses, phishing, spoofing, and other malware. Analyze, manage, and report on email traffic patterns. Simple Administration, Powerful Filtering, Accurate Results!

  • CallerIP  73)   CallerIP 4.0e
    CallerIP monitors connections to your system, identifies harmful backdoor's used for hacker attacks. The country location is identified for each IP, worldwide WHOIS lookups show domain and network contact info, including abuse reporting information.

  • Counter Spy  74)   Counter Spy 1.0.26
    CounterSpy detects deletes and protects! CounterSpy has Active Protection. You could call it a "spy-wall." There are "checkpoints" that are monitored in real-time for attempts to install spyware. A very high percentage will be blocked by CounterSpy.

  • SwiftSpywareRemoval  75)   SwiftSpywareRemoval 1.5
    Swift Spyware Removal is a powerful, fast, multi-platform program that protects a mature and secure browser. Swift Spyware Removal is a powerful anti-spyware program, which protects Mozilla Firefox from dangerous spyware's, and harmful cookies.

  • Easy Spyware Scanner  76)   Easy Spyware Scanner 1.0
    Easy Spyware Scanner is a simple free spyware scanner that removes spyware, adware, scumware, and trojans from the hard disk.

  • Dynaxa Anti-Spam  77)   Dynaxa Anti-Spam 4.2
    Thanks to a unique combination of different technologies, Dynaxa Anti-Spam analyses all messages to eradicate spams and image spams, and to protect the user from phishing and potential virus infection.

  • Spyware Nuker  78)   Spyware Nuker 2006
    Spyware Nuker, SPYWARE SCAN AND SPYWARE REMOVAL. Spyware Nuker, the fourth generation of anti-spyware software provides the best spyware and adware protection available. Scan your PC now for FREE and see for yourself if your PC is infected!

  • ID Toolbar Remover  79)   ID Toolbar Remover 1.2
    ID Toolbar Remover is a program that removes undesired items in the Toolbar menu and deletes unwanted BHOs and any unsolicited preferences.

  • CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2008  80)   CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2008 2008
    CyberDefender AntiSpyware protects against viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, popups, and phishing. CyberDefender catches what other security software companies miss! We will remove Viruses and check to see if you are infected with spyware for FREE!

  • GuardedID  81)   GuardedID 1.3
    GuardedID Provides Powerful Online Identity Theft Protection. GuardedID's innovative keystroke encryption and anti-keylogging technology protect you from identity thief's favorite new tool - keyloggers.

  • Telepen Barcode Font  82)   Telepen Barcode Font Deluxe
    Barcodesoft Telepen Premium Package empowers you to print Telepen barcodes from desktop printers. It is able to encode full ASCII table.Telepen has two modes: alphanumeric mode and numeric-only mode

  • SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition  83)   SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition 3.1.1010
    SUPERAntiSpyware is the most thorough scanner on the market. Our Multi-Dimensional Scanning and Process Interrogation Technology will detect spyware other products miss! Easily remove pests such as WinFixer, SpyAxe, SpyFalcon, and thousands more!

  • Easy Spyware Sweeper  84)   Easy Spyware Sweeper 2.3
    Easy Spyware Sweeper is a malware & spyware removal utility to detect, remove and protect your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats.

  • ! - Privacy Keeper  85)   ! - Privacy Keeper 7.0.1
    Privacy Keeper is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool that securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other hidden files on your computer.

  • BufferZone Free  86)   BufferZone Free 3.31-46
    BufferZone Free download gives you basic BufferZone protection against Internet threats. BufferZone Free prevents ALL threats, even unknown (zero-day) threats that anti-virus misses. There are no signature updates, no maintenance and no response time

  • WinKeeper  87)   WinKeeper 4.85
    winkeeper is a collection of tools to fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC! You can get your system running at peak performance levels in few minutes with it.

  • Rising Antivirus Free Edition  88)   Rising Antivirus Free Edition 23.00
    Free Rising Antivirus protects your computers against all types of viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits and other malicious programs. Ease of use, Active Defense technology, friendly and popular interface, prevent all malicious threats away from you.

  • Max Secure Spyware Detector - Enterprise  89)   Max Secure Spyware Detector - Enterprise 5.0
    What spyware can do to you? Steal your personal information Spam your e-mail account Send pop-up ads to you Slow down your computer performance as well as internet access speed May crash your system

  • Web Security Guard  90)   Web Security Guard Beta
    Free for home and office, Web Security Guard alerts prevent entering potentially dangerous websites that may cause adware, viruses, spyware or spam infections. Protect data and privacy, review website contents and threat level before you enter it!

  • Doctor Spyware Cleaner  91)   Doctor Spyware Cleaner 1.0
    Doctor Spyware Cleaner allows you to regain your computer's security and performance at no charge. This freeware program will remove and block all traces of spyware on your system using a frequently updated database. Take back control of your PC!

  • Advanced Task Manager  92)   Advanced Task Manager 4.0
    Advanced Task Manager shows you all the programs running on your computer, including the hidden ones. It displays security rating, advice and details about each program, and helps you identify and remove spyware and other dangerous programs.

  • Evidence Begone - Free Scan  93)   Evidence Begone - Free Scan 1.0
    Find out if Porn is Hidden on your PC for Free. Your PC is recording everything you do online / offline which can be easily recovered many years later. This includes pictures, visited web pages, emails, chats, music downloads and images.

  • CleanMantra  94)   CleanMantra Deluxe
    PCMantra's CleanMantra shreds files which compromise privacy, cleans all traces of Online Activities as well as Offline Activities through effortless, secured, user-friendly options

  • SpamEater Pro  95)   SpamEater Pro 4.0
    Since 1997, SpamEater Pro has been a leader in the spam fighting tools category. With the NEW SpamEater Pro 4.0, it even more powerful and easier to use with it's XP style interface. With SpamEater Pro you can fight spam easily and effectively. SpamE

  • Max Spyware Detector  96)   Max Spyware Detector
    Max Spyware Detector is a complete solution for individuals, professionals and home users to scan, detect and delete spyware to get rid of the malware,popup, keyloggers and trojans instantly. Get Powered with Smart scan Technology and Max Shields.

  • ShadowUser  97)   ShadowUser 2.5
    ShadowUser provides a safe computing environment by creating a virtual twin of your PC. Surf the internet without a trace, eliminate spyware and adware, avoid viruses and worms, undo malicious or unwanted PC changes instantly.

  • ~ SpamItBack  98)   ~ SpamItBack
    Get spammers back, and send your own message telling them to stop spamming once, a thousand times, or as many times as you want back to them.

  • NetConnectManager  99)   NetConnectManager 1.2.913
    Eas- to- use tool that enables you to monitor all open TCP/IPs and UDP ports on the local computer. NetConnectManager maps ports to the owning application so you can watch which process has opened and which ports are opened by them.

  • Anti-Spyware SpywareNoMore  100)   Anti-Spyware SpywareNoMore 2.32
    Anti-Spyware SpywareNoMore is the perfect compliment to your Anti-Virus program. It offers powerful security and personal privacy feature that are not available with any other Anti-Spyware program.

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